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Welcome! Select any of the routes on the left side navigation bar for the ferry or the route you wish to travel and view all the live Kingston Area traffic cameras along that route complete on ONE page. Remember to Bookmark us, by viewing current traffic live you can successfully plan for your ferry ride and miss all Kingston Traffic Jams. A picture is worth one thousand words and viewing Kingston traffic cameras live is today's best way to beat the traffic. By the time Kingston traffic problems are on the radio its old news, get your Kingston traffic updates here LIVE.....where do you want to go today?

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Wolfe Island Ferry to Dawson's Point
Wolfe Island Ferry to Marysville Terminal
Glenora Ferry between Glenora & Adolphustown
HIGHWAY 401 – Gardiners Road to Highway 15
Highway 401 – Reynolds Road to East of Hwy 137
Toronto Traffic Live Cameras

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